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Great Unexpectations


A Story of two journeys and a fearful mind.

Journey 1

A pair of explorers had stumbled across a racing yacht, Hugo Boss, during a kayaking expedition in Patagonia, Argentina in 2016. The 18 metre monohull racing yacht was abandoned by its skipper approximately 1000 miles from Cape Town in 2006. It had capsized during an around the world race. After its abupt competition end, the (un)expected happened and a new journey began for the yacht. It journeyed undetected for more than 10,000 nautical miles for 10 years.The yacht drifted across the Indian and Pacific oceans before it washed up on the beach in Patagonia, Argentina. Controlled by the sea currents, the yacht's journey finally came to an end.


Journey 2

Because I couldn't see it, I had to see, I wanted to see how the water front looked. Walking down, we left the front row restuarants behind and entered this inbetween world of curious cabins, sports zones and random wooden paths to wherever. The walk seemed longer in time, when we evenually arrived to the sea, the journeys end, it was an anti-climax. The journey was the only thing of interest. I have since forgotton the waters edge, but remember the walk.


Both had an initial objective, decided and determined. Exacting and calculated. Both journeys faltered.


Fearful mind

Fearful thoughts and nightmares all night falter the hardiest of minds. After a long night of thunder, lightening and heavy rain, in the morning, I opened the shutters to our small balcony. Not quite sure what to expect, still in a fog where the tricks my mind were playing. My mind was telling me carnage and destruction, my sensory awakening witnessed something else.


The air was thick with a fresh smell of pine and earth. Everything was wet, the glass ashray was very sparkly from the rain. The colours were stark and overpowering like the smell. The ashtray looked like a precious jewel. Everything was new and fresh.

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