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Test Space Open 2015
Test Space, Spike Island, Bristol


Preview: Friday 1st May, 6-9pm
Exhibition runs: 2 - 17 May 2015



"Although not themed or curated, the Test Space artists jostle together nicely. Their work compliments each other, some politely, some sitting awkwardly and firing off the odd insult. There's a folk art feel, but one that feels almost science fiction, like some kind of relic from the future. 
The artists neatly slalom any artisan Hipsterism or utopian daydreaming by having one foot firmly planted in the everyday world with often brutal imagery, self depreciating humour and crudely hewn and finely crafted ideas."


Gordon Dalton, Selector, Test Space Open 2015

Alice Walton
Andy Jackson
Marion Piper
Rachel Busby
Lydia Hardwick
Michael Szpakowski
Dave Bevan
Roy Brown
Martyn Cross
Sarah McNulty
Mark Adams
Mark Scott-Wood
Hannah Clarkson
Rebecca Moss
Carl Slater
Ker Wallwork
Patrick Brandon
Maryniak and McLean


This year's selectors were Gordon Dalton (Artist and Independent Curator), Kypros Kyprianou (Spike Island Studio Artist) and Juliet Lennox (Spike Island Assistant Curator).

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