Retreat is an annual residential workshop that has taken place in various remote locations across the UK since 2008. It isn’t a holiday; instead, it’s an opportunity to enjoy communal living and intensely debate artistic practices. As the organiser, each year I invite a range of creative people, including artists, gallerists, choreographers, musicians and theatre practitioners.

Over the course of ten years, over 100 individuals from the UK and further afield have taken part in Retreat. Locations have included North Wales, Cumbria and Cornwall.

During Retreat, each day is loosely structured around a large group meal in the evening, which is followed by a number of presentations. Everybody is expected to give a presentation at some point during the week. This could be about anything: your own work; an area of interest or research; another artist’s work; or phenomenon. The presentations are then opened out into a group discussion. The first part of the day is free for people to do what ever they want, but we often go on walks around the local area.