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OPEN 2013

Charlie Godet Thomas | Rachel Busby |

Rebecca Ounstead | Max Cahn | Julie Price | Anne Deeming | Malina Busch | Oliver Tirre | Hannah Mooney

The annual chance to see a selection of work by some of the most talented emerging artists from across the UK and beyond.


£1000 Overall Award: Rachel Busby
£500 Additional Award: Split between Julie Price and Oliver Tirre
£200 Audience Choice Award (voted for by visitors to the exhibition): To be announced 21st October

The Open’s judges – artist and curator Kevin Hunt, independent curators Day + Gluckman and Phoenix gallery curator Matt Burrows all spoke about the difficulty of this year’s decision due to the incredibly high standard of work.  Lucy Day explained, ‘One of the things about such a diverse range of practice is that it makes judging nigh on impossible.  We did some serious debate, discussion and arguing.  All positive because we simply couldn’t choose between a group of people, all of who we would have loved to give the award.’



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