work in progress

Especially for you

During my stay in Brazil in 2018, I will to travel to the Amazon and collect natural fruit from either an native Indian tribe or from Belém, the city port that exports amazon natural goods.

I am specifically interested in Acai (purple), Genipap (black), Annotto (red) which are common fruit berry dye resources for the amazon Indians in the Para region of Brazil.

Unsure of how I will receive these fruits, they will be dried and taken back to the UK where I will extract the pigment to create a medium to use in a series of paintings on vessels.


Proposed paintings working title is 95:5.

(study paintings opposite)

Painting description: I see vessels as symbols, metaphors for ourselves, our souls.

What we choose to carry around in them..if anything.

..half full or half empty? Living in the past, dreaming of the future or living right now.

Running along this journey to collect berries, I will document and record the journey with the intention of making another work to challenge/counter my paintings. I am looking towards making a short film and or audio in the intent of exhibiting the film, audio and paintings as one body of work.

The paintings look at the length that “oneself” will go to in acquiring a need.

The work is looking to demonstrate the ease of consumerism and asks whether its a good thing not to know where a product comes from. At what cost to others are we imposing.